March 3, 2010

Hold me closer

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

I am getting nothing done at work today. Not that this is super unusual or anything, but today it's not just caused by general malaise. No, it's because I totally scored tickets to an Alvin Ailey dance performance next week! I LOVE Alvin Ailey. I've only seen them once before live, but I got to take a Modern dance class at Alvin Ailey Extension this summer in New York. When I went to buy my pass for said class, the woman told me there was a deal where I could get a second class for very cheap. I told her no, thanks, I was heading back to California the next day. She said I could take class in California. I said "Oh I didn't know Ailey had a studio in California!" To which she replied, all huffy, "There is only one Alvin Ailey: in New York City." It was strange.

Anyway, the thing about getting tickets to Alvin Ailey next Thursday is that now all I can think about is seeing Alvin Ailey next Thursday. Not sending out emails, not editing documents, not even thinking of new ways to prank the guys next door. I mean, they're going to do a routine to STEVIE WONDER music. It's like they're coming here just for me. If there's a tall boy of Tecate and Cadbury mini eggs on my chair when I arrive, I'll have my answer.

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