March 5, 2010

Business as usual

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

So first of all, that strike was b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Not that I participated, no, I watched TV, went for a run, met a friend for lunch, and took no less than 4 naps in a show of solidarity. But apparently people went nuts. I live about a mile from campus and could hear helicopters overhead all day; I saw on the news that people took over a major a highway. Now generally, I assume that one day of chanting with signs does not do any good, but apparently now Gov. Kindergarten Cop wants to create a constitutional amendment saying that our K-12 schools and universities cannot receive less funding than our prisons. I applaud the sentiment, but am pretty horrified that that sentence ever needed to be uttered. I bet somewhere Gray Davis is having a beer and thinking "suckas!"

Anyway, today, I volunteered to help out our dean's assistant with errands in preparation of a big event that our department is having this weekend. Why? My answer is three fold. 1) I will take any chance I get to get out of the office. 2) Among other places, she is going to Costco. HOT DOG FOR LUNCH Y'ALL. 3) I fancy myself pretty strong, so I like taking opportunities to nonchalantly show off how many flats of Hansens I can lift.

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