March 22, 2010

Monday Monday

From an unnamed production office for an undisclosed television show in an address-withheld building in LA where the elevators are shockingly slow...

I know a lot of people complain far and Facebook-wide about Mondays.  And I do understand it.  I get it.  On Friday I was able to get a 49 point word in my Scrabble game.  Today?  Monday?  18 points.  Can't get higher to save my life.  I mean- I have six vowels and a V, right?  Rough.  And last week on, for example, Thursday, we got two boxes of Sprinkles cupcakes delivered to my office.  Beginning of the week bummer?  Just pound cake in the break room, and like two or three people who were in there "cooking their lunches" and "filling up their coffee cups" for so long that I wasn't even able to take the giant/multiple pieces I wanted.  Monday No-fun-day on that one.  And- by the way- If one sweet treat horror wasn't enough, last week I had at least 12 more Thin Mints in the bottom drawer of my desk.  New work week starts today, and all of a sudden the ones I ate last week are still gone?  Harsh.  And on top of all that, the beginning of the week means taking a lot of time away from actual work to try to get people to ask me what I did over the weekend.  Which- ask me!- was preeeeetty fun.  If only Monday were different somehow, I could have had my nose to the grindstone instead of self-servingly manipulating casual workplace conversation.  If only.  If only Monday could be less... Monday.  And if only the grindstone could be my couch.

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