March 10, 2010

Day Won

From an unnamed production office for an undisclosed television show in an address-withheld building in LA where the elevators are shockingly slow...

Boy is this a day.  Yes.  This day is Wednesday.  And boy have I done stuff.  Yes.  Some stuff has totally been done.  I remember a few hours ago when I listened to some people I work with have a meeting that I was also physically present for.  I also remember when I almost did one thing for my job, but then tried to do something else at the same time so didn't really do either at all.  And at some point a phone rang.  (Not mine.)

But I did concentrate my energy in a single place for three minutes and fifteen seconds.  That is not an endorsement of this video, just a window into the one thing that captured my unbroken attention: People playing buckets, then wearing the buckets on their heads, then taking the buckets off their heads and playing them again.  I give you this:

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