March 2, 2010

Waiting for a girl like her

From an unnamed university in the San Francisco Bay Area...

I'm lucky to have an awesome officemate. She's laid back, got a great sense of humor and shares my eclectic taste in music. I started at this job while she was on maternity leave, so I had the office to myself for about two months before she returned. She came in while I was listening to Morning Becomes Eclectic, a morning music show on KCRW, a public radio station in Los Angeles (thank you, iTunes). Just as I was about to turn it down, she asked "Is this KCRW?" Turns out, she grew up in LA and is a big fan of Morning Becomes Eclectic, too. Beyond that, we've found a shared fondness for "The Final Countdown" by Europe, most power ballads, and all things Foreigner. Music has become a pretty big part of our office, and it's now something we're known for around the building. Recently, we've decided to develop themes for each day of the week

80's Monday: primarily consists of our Journey Pandora station. Even though I don't broadcast it on my Facebook, I too find Mondays a little rough sometimes, and silly music makes the week's start just that much better.

Indie Tuesday: We're lucky to have hip, cool students who burn us CDs of hip, cool indie music that we slowly and smugly jam to on Tuesdays. Vampire Weekend and Fleet Foxes are almost always guaranteed to make an appearance.

Cake Wednesday: The band, not the food. Well, sometimes the food. We both love Cake. And cake.

Soul Thursdays: This is really her humoring me. She likes soul fine, but I'm really the one chomping at the bit to hear some Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. We usually start the day off with some high energy tunes (think Stevie Wonder) and end with some romantic slow jams (think Marvin Gaye).

Anything Goes Friday: Boy bands? Podcasts? 80's again? Sign us up. We're pretty checked out at this point anyway, so whatever puts us in a weekend mood gets the job done.

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