March 31, 2010

A Little Help from Our Friends

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

Hey friends! I need your help! We've got another prank up our sleeves, but we need some suggestions. Our newest idea was born because oftentimes the guys next door can hear the music we're listening to and will comment on our choices. Sometimes it's complimentary and they want to know the name of the song we're listening to so they can download it ("Sleepless" by The Decemberists and "I Stand Corrected" by Vampire Weekend if you're curious. Ms. Jackson if you're nasty.); sometimes they're making fun of us, especially if it's 80's Monday.

Today one of them came over to mock us for listening to Counting Crow's "Omaha" and as soon he left my officemate exclaimed "I know our next prank! We're going to Noriega them!"

For anyone who may not know, the US used hard rock music and the Howard Stern Show to get Noriega to come out of hiding when we invaded Panama in 1989. Now, we're not trying to get the guys next door to come out of hiding, but we do plan to play the absolute worst music we can think of as loudly as we can to make them crazy and undermine them in any of their professional endeavors. Here's what's on the lineup so far:

Milli Vanilli: Blame it on the Rain
Snow: Informer (A Licky Boom Boom Down)
The Proclaimers: I Would Walk 500 Miles
Billy Ray Cyrus: Achy Breaky Heart
Bobby McFarin: Don't Worry, Be Happy

But we need more! Please, readers, what are some of the worst songs you can think of? We want to get these guys good!


  1. Chumbawumba: Tub-thumping (I get knocked down)

  2. Oh man, amazing suggestion! Thanks, Anonymous. I appreciate not just your suggestion, but the completeness of the song title. I enjoy the parenthetical references too.

  3. MMMMMMbop by Hansen
    Boom Boom Boom by The Venga Boys
    The Macarena!!!!!!!

  4. Baha Men: Who Let the Dogs Out
    Right Said Fred: I'm Too Sexy
    "It's a Small World"
    "Barbie Girl"
    "Cotton Eyed Joe"

  5. One more....

    "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"