March 24, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

I'm back at work to get caught up on some administrative stuff I'm behind on without students and other folk to distract me with their "questions" and their "needs" all day. I'm really freaking tired though, and constantly second-guessing my promise to be in the office today. Why, you ask? Well last night I drove back to my place from my parents' house and brought my dad with me because he had an early flight to catch and I live much closer to the airport than he does.

He crashed on my futon and woke me up at the ripe ole hour of 4:00am to bring him to the airport. I dropped him off, came back home and went to sleep for another few hours and I've been dragging ever since, which I expected, but I'm a little bitter because of the phone conversation that took place around 8:30AM today.

Dad: Hey, are you awake?
S: Yes, my neighbors decided to start using loud power tools around 8:00 this morning.
Dad: I'm sorry. Guess where I am?
S: Denver?
Dad: Nope, [other local airport about 45 minutes from airport where I dropped him off].
S: Why?
Dad: My flight was canceled, so they put me on another flight leaving out of [other airport] that leaves at 3:00pm.
S: Hahaha, that's funny, because if your flight hadn't been canceled, and you were just originally on this flight, you wouldn't have needed me to drive to the wrong airport at 4:00am and I wouldn't be greasy-haired and barely awake at work today, getting nothing done on a day I had set aside to get things done! Hahahaha.
Dad: Riiiiight, well anyway, I'm in the United terminal, can you tell me what's good to eat here?
S: Yes. The Crab Pot. Great clam chowder.

And....scene! I know nothing that happened was my dad's fault, but I continue to feel bitter towards him, the relatives he's going to visit, and the airline industry as a whole for my sleepiness.

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