March 24, 2010

S's Anatomy, part deux

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

So I saw the dean for the first time since I went home early on Thursday with my nasty headache. Our exchange went thusly:

Dean: S! You're back!
S: Yep! Hi!
Dean: I thought you weren't coming in all week.
S: Nope, I' today.
Dean: Well good. Are you feeling better?
S: I am, thanks for asking. I'm glad I went home on Thursday, that was good advice.
Dean: Well you looked like death warmed over that day; it wasn't hard advice to give.
S: Wow, thanks.

Telling me I looked like shit at the time wasn't enough for this man, oh no, he needed to remind me of how bad I looked when he saw me again a week later. This a man who didn't remember my name for like 2 months, but apparently has a photographic memory for terrible, sickly-looking faces. So glad to be in the office today.

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