March 15, 2010

Wake Up, San Francisco

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

The days immediately following Spring Forward are rough. I'm less than delightful on a full night of sleep, so when you rob me of an hour, it really gets ugly. Literally. Here's how this morning went (each time marks another hit of the snooze button):

7:30: "Just ten more minutes"

7:40: "I don't need to straighten my hair"

7:50: "Or blow dry my hair"

8:00: "I bet I could get away with pulling my hair back and just putting on lots of deodorant. No shower!"

8:10: "Okay, so you'll get up, put on clothes, brush your teeth, and drink your coffee on your walk to work."

8:20: "Drive to work."

8:30: "Hey, it's S. I'm going to be in late this morning. See you around 9:30."

And so it was. I am not only here at work unshowered, but I also forewent my usual morning walk in favor of driving and paying a ridiculous amount of money for a daily parking pass, and still managed to be half an hour late. That Employee of the Month certificate should be showing up anyday.

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