March 1, 2010

Shoe In

From an unnamed university in the San Francisco Bay Area...

K's not the only office fashionista. I wear these puppies to work at least twice a week. No, they're not actually slippers. They're supposed to help with my bad knee (I know that makes me sound like I'm 95, but I'm actually a distance runner. And 95.) It's been brought to my attention more than once that these shoes are not really work appropriate, which one would think would discourage me from wearing them, but that's assuming I care what the people I work with think about me.

The thing about my office is that even with my orthopedic slipper shoes, I am still probably one of the best dressers here. Not because I am so stylish, but because everyone else really doesn't give a shit. When I came for my interview, I wore a fancy pinstripe suit and pointy heels. My boss wore a red sweatshirt with a dude playing a saxophone on it. Not kidding. Men wear shorts, moms wear clothes covered in spit-up. I've accused one of the guys next door of finding his clothes on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit, our equivalent of the subway, metro, what have you). He said he did not find his jacket on BART, but once he gave his roommate a dollar to eat a M&M he found on BART. That is freaking nasty, you guys.

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