March 23, 2010

Roll Call

From an unnamed production office for an undisclosed television show in an address-withheld building in LA where the elevators are shockingly slow...

There are a lot of people between my desk and the ladies' room on my floor, and given how much coffee I drink to not pass out from boredom- I'm sorry- to stay as perky as my usual Miss-Teen-California-type self, I see them all quite often.  As Ross Geller famously (well, famously if you watched "Friends"... And continue to watch it most nights of the week in reruns... And give, I don't know, "The Best of Friends" DVD's to people for holiday gifts- S, you liked that, right??) did with the undergrads in his lecture course, I have taken to naming my second floor compatriots in a really superficial and completely useless way.  The cast of characters is: Skinny Waist Blonde (she really is remarkably small in the middle), Funny Boots (they are crazy and huge and tasseled, but I'm thinking that, as winter leaves us, she will stop wearing them and then be totally without identity.  I mean- for me), Kelly Cutrone (at least once a week I genuinely mistake this woman sitting at her desk near mine for her reali-celeb-doppelganger), Greasy Sloucher (ya know?), Newsie (the hats, ooooh the hats.  Also sometimes suspenders!), and Curly Glasses (she once straightened her hair and blew.  my.  mind.  God help me if she ever gets contacts).  Sometimes I like to think of what they might call me in my own game.  Loud Sigher? (I don't know, it just feels good.)  Sleepy Chilly? (If I'm not yawning or freezing I'm not really myself.)  Clutzo?  (I feel majorly accomplished if I make it through the gauntlet of stationary filing cabinets and nailed down desks without bumping something so hard it turns into a giant bruise.)  Bootsy?  (A friend of mine gave me a pair of boots that didn't fit her/are way cooler than anything  I own like six months ago and once I got more than one compliment on them it seems I made the choice to wear them *most* days.)  Hungover?  (Well... Fair enough).  Yeah.  Curly Glasses would totally go with one of those.  Bitch.

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  1. 1. I loved that DVD.
    2. M and I did something similar with one of our grad school classes: Rock N Roll always carried a guitar, No Face had a really ugly face that just made you think "no", 3. Smarty Pants was a smarty pants and 4. Hello Kitty....well that was kinda racist.