May 28, 2010

Under the Sea

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

So it's another rough day off here at JS HQ. I slept in, drank coffee, ate Reese's peanut butter cups for breakfast and went for a swim. Now I'm watching a Say Yes to the Dress marathon on TLC in preparation for tomorrow's outing to help my BFF try on wedding gowns. I am learning so much! Did you know you can request a dress that is "Nicole Kidman/Sound of Music/traditional Korean?" You can. Also, you should be able to spend so much money on your dress that your mom stops taking public transportation to work and starts walking every day in order to pay for it. It's your day! Who cares who suffers?

Anyway, at the pool today, I was swimming laps poorly and slowly, as I do, but feeling great to be in the water, and not at work, on such a beautiful day when a lady asked if she could share my lane. "Of course!" I said, because I am nice and also it's a public pool. I didn't really pay attention to her because I was in a pleasant swimming groove, but when I stopped at the end of the lane to take a break I noticed that she was wearing a full-on wetsuit and snorkel! In a lap pool! Crazy!

She might be trying to familiarize herself with swimming in a wetsuit and with a snorkel for an upcoming vacation or in preparation for some ocean swimming, but I like to imagine that that's just her style. Just like Nicole Kidman/Sound of Music/traditional Korean was that crazy bride's style.

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