May 5, 2010

New Heights

From an unnamed production office for an undisclosed television show in an address-withheld building in LA where the elevators are shockingly slow...

Today we had our regular Wednesday meeting... In a different conference room!!  It was WILD!  There were elevators and hallways on a whole other floor involved.  Maybe most exciting part though was the chairs-- They were bouncy!  I mean, they weren't actual bouncy chairs, but they weren't run of the mill conference room chairs either.  They really had some spring to them.  All this of course meant that the six of us who were there when this was discovered- which also happened to be before the more important people arrived- had a bouncing contest.  The rules were 1) No feet on the ground for push off and 2) No arms on the chair for push off.  Some people went very high.  I did not bounce the highest which I blame on the skirt I'm wearing, but I did come in second in the sub-category of Funniest Face While Bouncing (Unintentional) (speaking of my skirt, however, a friend of mine who works on my floor for another show saw me this morning and exclaimed, "Oh my god!  I just want you to be my... my... my second grade teacher!" if that gives you a picture of how I look today).

Though I am all jumbled up from all that bouncing, I don't think that it will stop me from getting some very important things accomplished the rest of the day, namely sneaking across the street to the majesty that is Marie Callender's to have a Cinco de Mayo cerverza with anyone who will join me.

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