May 28, 2010

Movin On Up

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

So I've drastically failed at writing two posts a day....not even writing one yesterday. Our deadline to get all of our furniture out of our office and stuff off our walls in preparation for repainting was moved up to yesterday, so we were all about the manual labor yesterday.

The painters came by to put samples on our walls and EVERYONE who came through our office had a comment: "Why yellow?" "That looks ugly." "Why do you get your office painted?" To which we replied "shut up" "you look ugly" and "because we're awesome."

The facilities guys came to take our old furniture away, which was oddly sad, even though our furniture is beyond ugly. Then we moved all of our stuff into the office next door, which was actually not a prank, but a move of convenience done with the guys next door's blessing. As faculty, they don't work during the summer and don't care.

But one guy thought he had found out about a prank on the ground floor and excitedly took a iPhone photo of their junk-filled office and sent to them with some dorky text like "New prank, omg!!" This guy wants so badly to be part of their cozy little twosome, but it's pretty apparent to everyone in the building that he is just a loser 3rd wheel. Anyway, they both wrote back being like "nope, they have permission," and I imagine took the wind right out of his little sails.

Anyway, that's what we did yesterday, so I was not attached to my computer the way I normally am, thus preventing blogging. I went straight from work to baby-sitting Officemate's youngest who was so shockingly well-behaved and adorable the whole time I think my ovaries have swelled to twice their normal size.

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