May 6, 2010


From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

Fake Anger (Fanger) worked! I did such a good job chewing out/silent treatmenting our next door neighbors that they cornered the dean's assistant at Cinco de Mayo happy hour (which I backed out of because of laziness and not hatred for the boys, but they definitely took it as a sign of continued displeasure) to ask why I was so mad and what they could do to get me not mad at them.

She said they tried to act indignant like I would have no right to be upset with them, but were also scrambling to figure out what they could do to get me to forgive them and be their friend again. Ha, HA!

Now, if I were truly a prank master, I would keep this ruse up until I was presented with thoughtful, apologetic card or gift, but I felt so bad about making someone else feel bad that I texted them to say I was just kidding and there are really no hard feelings. But now I haven't heard back and am checking my phone obsessively like I'm waiting for a call after sleeping with one of them on the second date. Not that I have any idea what that's like...

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