May 3, 2010

Baby I Can Drive My Car (To Someone Else's Dry Cleaner)

From an unnamed production office for an undisclosed television show in an address-withheld building in LA where the elevators are shockingly slow...

Today, in between snacks, something truly glorious happened.  I got to leave my office on official office business!  The star of our show is getting picked up from the studio right after we tape tonight and being whisked straight to the airport by car service, which meant that I was asked (truth: anyone with a vehicle was asked and I was the first to respond) to go to his house and pick him up to bring him to set.

When I got to his house he called me a name that isn't quite my name, but syllables aside he was very nice and apologetic when he asked me to wait just a few minutes.  So I got to sit in my car for a few minutes!  Alone!  And I got to listen to music I wanted to listen to, and no one was there to tell me to stop playing Angry Birds on my iPhone which, if you have the Angry Birds app, you know that there is no stopping playing Angry Birds once you start.

Once we got on the road, it was delightful.  And while I often say that things are delightful when what I mean is that I would prefer to be stung to death by wasps, I'm being sincere this time.  I got to be outside!  Well, outside in a car!  And I got to talk to a person who is nice and not my boss.  A funny person who is nice and not my boss who let me do things like wait in my car looking at Facebook with the air conditioning on outside his dry cleaners and the pants store.  And he had no idea how much more pleasant that was than being at my desk and so said things like, "Thank you," and even, "Sorry," when he was on his cell phone for a while.  Incredible.

So I guess, for me, the moral of the story is that the best work is work that isn't actually my work.  Lesson learned.

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