May 17, 2010

Be True to Your School

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

Work is pretty quiet and boring around here today, so I have been *gasp* doing personal online errands on work time. I'm contesting a parking ticket, I bought my next book club book on Amazon, and then, I finally did the thing I thought I would never do: purchased a ticket to my 10 year high school reunion.

This is shocking for a couple reasons: 1) I've always sworn I'd never go and 2) The event looks TERRIBLE. The website can kindly be described as a haphazard piece of amateur crap. It was not proofread, as evidenced by the welcome note written by our reunion "committe" and the invite to the optional "Met and Greet" the night before. If we were the Gossip Girl kids and our reunion was actually taking place at the Met, it would be kind of funny, but no, this classy event will be held at a local establishment called The Nutty Irishman, lovingly referred to by its regulars as simply "The Nutty".

And it's this Springsteeny blue collar aspect of our reunion that finally won me over. It's going to be such a ridiculous shit show that I feel I can't miss it. And, as another friend who works for this unnamed Bay Area university and graduated from my high school has pointed out, people like us, people who managed to escape the clutches of our hometown and bizarre high school social hierarchy, have to go to remind our classmates that there are other ways to live. Those of us who left town, went to college, read books, voted for Obama and have visited other countries have to be there to balance out the people who still live with their parents, had children before the age of 22, and go out and party with other people who went to our high school every weekend and post 146 pictures of their night out on Facebook. He says our town encourages and reinforces such behavior and this is our chance to remind them of the world outside our zipcode.

Also, I want to see who's gotten fat.

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