May 26, 2010

Studies, People. STUDIES.

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

Phase one of Office 2.0 is cleaning out Office 1.0. We've been going through files from as early as 1997, and purging ourselves of all the things we don't need, no longer use, or had no idea were even there until now. As we were looking through files, I came across the one above and giggled like the 15-year-old boy I secretly am.

Officemate posed this question "what would a miscellaneous STD even be?" We decided the big 2 are AIDS and herpes; they never go away and one can potentially kill you. Syphillis and certain forms of HPV are pretty serious too. Maybe the ones that can easily be treated with antibiotics could be considered miscellaneous? Chlamydia, gonorrhea (which is the clap, I swear, despite chlamydia's phonetic similarities), those other ones that seem to basically be yeast infections.

I also have a NSFW photo of a safe-sex sticker that someone stuck to one of our filing cabinets long before either of us worked here. It's a picture of an animated penis holding a condom and smiling proudly. "Dress me up to protect me from Misc. STDs!" he seems to be saying.

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