May 6, 2010

Pre-Tape Escape

From an unnamed production office for an undisclosed television show in an address-withheld building in LA where the elevators are shockingly slow...

This is a picture of 3/5 of the most interesting thing that happened at my office today: Five, FIVE people were wearing gray vee neck tee shirts and jeans.  It was epic.  It felt as though every time I lifted my head from various social networking sites someone was turning the corner to reveal their participation in this shocking trend.  As I, like most people, own a gray tee shirt and jeans myself, I briefly considered going home during the afternoon down time to change into it just to be a part of the joke.

Instead I went across the street to drink afternoon beers with my office mates.  Thursdays are usually super important as far as in-office presence because we shoot our show at night, but this week we taped it remotely from New York early in the day. That left us all just waiting around the office- a full staff of us- so that we would be available in the evening hours to go sit in the studio where we usually tape and watch the prerecorded episode while the sound guys captured our laughing noises.  That's right, a dozen people biding their time until they were asked to go down en masse to laugh at- for a lot of them- things they wrote themselves.  So if, knowing that, today sounds to you like a reasonable time- while other staff members did things like went to the gym- to leave for thirty minutes to relax and be social before completing a 12 hour day... Well then you would have gotten the same wrathful e-mail that I got from my immediate boss about checking in with her if ever I plan to be gone for more than 10 minutes. So if anyone knows how I can get a gig as an imprisoned child let me know.  I'm looking for more liberties.

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