May 14, 2010

Day Off My Rocker

From an unnamed bed in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

That's right, bed. It's my first Friday off from work and I am not out of bed yet. I win! I did go downstairs to get a piece of cold pizza to eat while watching last night's Community on Hulu, but it's been all bed, all the time otherwise.

But I'm still doing some work. Not for my real job, oh no, for a side project, helping my uncle with this book he's writing about technology's role (or lack thereof really) in school law. Did you fall asleep just now? Well guess what: you're not editing an entire book on the subject! What the hell was I thinking?

I was thinking I like my uncle a lot (it's hard to say I love him because he married my aunt when I was in my early 20s and I have met him maybe five times. But he's a very nice man and I definitely prefer him to at least two, and up to four of my other uncles). I was thinking this could be good experience if I ever want to write/edit/somehow make my own book someday. I was thinking working in public education doesn't pay very well, so a little side cash never hurts, especially in these days of pay cuts and furloughs.

I was not thinking I'd be spending my first Friday off attached to my laptop wondering if we've already used the word "precedent" too many times and what's a good synonym for "precedent" and good lord my uncle likes semicolons even more than I do! I thought that was impossible but he used four, four, in his opening paragraph.

Time for another slice of pizza.

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