May 5, 2010

Green with Revenge

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...
Well they finally made good on their threats. Those sneaky bastards covered EVERYTHING in our office in green cellophane. They even took our pictures and clocks and stuff off the walls and covered THEM in green cellophane. They only left the area that they treat like their personal hallway free of cellophanehood. It was a great prank and my hat is off to them.

However, they kind of picked the worst time to do it. They're both faculty and the last day of classes was last Friday, so they're totally in summer vacation mode, but we're super busy this week trying to make sure our graduating students graduate and our students don't fail their classes, get their summer internships, don't get into debilitating debt, etc. So having to machete our way to our desks and all our necessary papers and tools was not ideal.

Officemate is being a good sport about it, but I'm pretending to be fuming mad. I blew up at one of them this morning, lecturing him about the one rule of the prank wars (the prank shouldn't interfere with the other party's ability to do their job) and how this was so irresponsible and immature of them and while I like to have fun at work, I actually care about our students welfare and I thought they did too and couldn't they have waited a damn week until graduation was finished? I'm giving the other one the silent treatment.

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