April 8, 2010

Somebunny Loves You

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

Being raised Catholic rarely pays off. Here's how I've found it useful:

1. Obscure Bible knowledge.
2. Funny Sunday School anecdotes. ("Dress Like Your Favorite Saint Day" is always a hit.)
3. Guilting people.

As you might imagine, 3 comes in handy the most often. Like today. Officemate brought in some leftover Easter candy, including a large chocolate bunny. She asked a workstudy to break the bunny into smaller chocolate pieces and leave them on a plate for people to eat. Cleverly, the workstudy put the box the bunny came in behind the plate, lest anyone not understand where the chocolate came from.

So all day, people have been coming to our office in search of candy and balking at the plate of segmented bunny, until I solemnly remind them that "that bunny died for you." This works especially well on Christians, as it was just Easter and they've been all about honoring someone that they believe died for them lately. But it's also been successful with people who don't believe in Jesus too! They either think it's funny or actually feel bad about the bunny's ultimate sacrifice and feel that eating a piece is the least they can do.

My parents, never terribly devout Catholics themselves, took me to church every Sunday until I was in high school because they thought it would shape my sense of morality. Joke's on them.

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