April 5, 2010

Graduation Song

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

So once again, I did something against my better judgment and immediately paid for it. My day began with more phone calls from the same woman who chewed me out last week (see: Stay Thirsty, My Friends) upset again about my lack of supporting documents and the effect they will have on the all-mighty dean. After receiving my morning tongue-lashing, I was excited to hear the phone ring and see the light for my officemate's extension and not my own.

My officemate is off camping in Big Sur with her adorable family today, and I was planning to just let her phone go to voicemail as my conversations with people calling her line go like this:

S: This is S.
Caller: I was looking for Officemate.
S: Officemate isn't in today; can I help?
Caller: Explains long complex problem that only Officemate can fix.
S: Yeah, Officemate will be back tomorrow...

But the ringing of the phone was getting to me so I picked it up, ready to recreate the scene above. But lo and behold it was a question I could actually answer!

Caller: What day is graduation?
S: (Excited to know this one) May 8. It's a Saturday.
Caller: Not May 19th.
S: No, the 8th.
Caller: Is that a Saturday or a Sunday?
S: (Slightly confused because she knows she just said this) It's a Saturday.
Caller: Well the thing is, my family members all have plane tickets for the 19th.
S: (Wondering how this is in any way her problem and cursing herself for picking up the phone) Hmmm...that's a Wednesday, and our ceremonies are always on the weekend.
Caller: I know, I thought it was weird too, especially because I have the 8th marked on my calendar as graduation too. So why do they have airline tickets for that day?
S: I'm sorry, I have no idea.
Caller: Well that's just incredibly inconvenient.
S: I'm very sorry.
Caller: I just wish you could tell me why my family members all have tickets for the 19th.

Thankfully, the dude's cell dropped the call and he didn't call back, and I am just going to let all of Officemate's future calls go to voicemail until she comes back on Wednesday...or is it Saturday?

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