April 2, 2010

Cole's on First

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

Our office is the closest to the main entrance of our building, and for that reason, people often come in to our office to ask questions, generally about how to get to other places in the building. Sometimes it's a little annoying if we're really busy, but mostly it's fine. We tell them where the bathroom or a certain professor's office is and they're on their way.

But not today.

A woman came in and stood in the doorway. "Yes?" "Can you tell me where Bob Cole's office is?" "Oh, there's no Bob Cole in this department, sorry." "Well, he told me to meet him here, so where should I go?" "I don't know; I don't know who he is." "Bob Cole, Robert Cole." "Right, there's no one here by that name, are you sure you have the right building?" "YES! I just need you to tell me where to go."

Oh, I'll tell you where to go bitch.

"I am sorry. I do not know who that man is. I don't know why he told you to meet him here. But there is no one by that name who works in this building. We have a Bob XXXX, could that be who you're looking for?" "No, it's Cole." "Then I'm sorry, I really can't help you."

She took off in a huff and I breathed a sigh of relief. A couple minutes later, my phone rang. It was the front-desk person.

"There's a lady here looking for a Robert Cole. Do you know who that is?"

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