April 30, 2010

You Think Your Fish Don't Stink?

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

Someone microwaved fish in the staff kitchen! FISH! Do you know how bad that smells? I will tell you: really bad. The smell has permeated our entire (admittedly small) building. My boss and I ended up having our meeting in another building because neither of us could handle the smell. It's windy, cold and rainy out right now and people have their windows open because the cold, fresh air is preferable to the fish odor, a reasonable temperature, and dryness.

And God are we pissed at that guy who he did it. He's really nice, but kind of a weirdo and just the type to be so out of touch with social norms to not realize that microwaving fish in the workplace is a real no-no. My boss yelled "what is that awful smell? Did someone cook fish?!" and the guy was standing right behind her. She felt bad, but I think someone needed to clue him into this not being okay.

Once I accidentally burned popcorn in the office microwave at my old job and people came after me like I burned down the whole damn building. But that was an accident and popcorn is a food that is typically meant to be microwaved and when all goes according to plan, the smell is not bad at all. But fish? You know fish is gonna stink.

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