April 13, 2010

Short Circuit

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

Oh-ho! The Bandits of Lame have struck again! This time they unplugged our ethernet cords! The cunning! The treachery!

When I got in to work this morning (only four minutes late, thankyouverymuch), Officemate informed me that she couldn't get on the internet or access her email and asked me to see if I could. I wasn't able to either, so we assumed all the computers were offline. We called our IT guy who said no, other computers were connected fine and we should see if our ethernet cords were properly connected.

Lo and behold, they were BOTH unplugged! Not just not-quite-in-the-socket-as-solidly-as-they-could-be, like our IT guy had originally thought, but full on unplugged! My god, what *will* they think of next?

When we confronted them about it, they denied it again and said that their prank to end all pranks is still in the works and when it happens, we won't need to ask them if they're the ones responsible because "all your furniture will be hanging from the ceiling." This is idiotic for two reasons:

1. You don't reveal your prank beforehand.
2. Neither of them is anywhere near strong enough to lift any of our furniture.

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