July 13, 2010

Refrigeration Investigation

From an unnamed production office for an undisclosed television show in an address-withheld building in LA where the elevators are shockingly slow...

Most days I eat my lunch and all my snacks so soon after arriving at my office that I don't bother to put anything in the little dorm-style mini-fridge that my coworkers use.  Today, though, I brought a real lot of food from home because I didn't know what I would be hungry for (and felt panicked at the idea of not have a particular snack or lunch item that I wanted over the course of the day), so I didn't feel too nervous about putting 20 feet between my desk and one of my many snacks, my yogurt.  When I went to put my yogurt, bottom left, into the fridge, I was struck by what a very yogurt-laden, Trader Joe's heavy, yuppy little group it was joining.  We're not a big staff, but we are a very white staff, and somehow I feel that that goes some distance to explaining the five low-fat yogurts we called our own today.  And the sliced celery sticks and Trader Joe's salad aren't in a category too far removed.

There is, however, one food item from a different sort of group.  If you look just under the freezer section (which, incidentally, I've not tried using on this particular freezer because of how burned I was when- with my college roommate- I gathered up some Ben and Jerry's money only to have the whole container melt after I overestimated a similar freezer's freezing capabilities) there is a corn dog in a bag.  I love corn dogs as much as the next guy as long as I'm standing next to a guy that loves corn dogs, so I'm not confused about why the corn dog is there, but why it's been there so long.  There's ice growing on it.  Eat that corn dog, person who brought that corn dog to the office!  Come on!  You can't just leave a corn dog in a bag in a tiny refrigerator with a bunch of yogurt and a) expect it to maintain its corn dog goodness or b) be there much longer because, for my part, I really love and want to eat corn dogs.  I also want to know which vaguely snobby, pseudo-healthy person who uses this refrigerator is responsible for cleaning it, because...umm...eww. 

Note: In studying this picture after I posted it, I noticed that the yogurt on the bottom right was exactly same same as mine on the bottom left.  So I returned to the refrigerator and confirmed- based on my Sharpied initials on the yogurt on the bottom right- that two of the five yogurts are my personal property.  If I didn't think before that this blog could change lives, my own included, I just got back a yogurt I didn't know I lost, so it can.  It has.

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