July 13, 2010

Job Slobs Slobs

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

Hey, sorry K and I have been blog slackers lately! At least one of you has mentioned missing our posts which is actually more surprising than anything else, but for those of you who might actually enjoy reading this blog and keep it in your "not work" online circulation repertoire, I know we're not holding up our end of the bargain lately, and I apologize. I haven't confirmed this with K, but I'm going to attribute our lack of posts to the following.

1) Laziness.
2) Not having anything to write about.

I don't want K to sue me for libel, so I will speak for myself when I say my own laziness befuddles and inspires me. I can not get something done like you would not believe. I went to Portland back in February, and before I left I noticed that a button on my winter coat was loose. I figured I could either sew it on myself, ask a craftier friend to sew it for me, or take it to an alterations place. Instead, I just wore a different jacket on my trip and the button is dangling by the proverbial thread in my closet right this very minute.

Also, my job's pretty basic right now. Sure, people are doing stupid things left and right, but they don't seem like the right stupid things for some reason. Also, while my posts might indicate something strongly to the contrary, I usually like my job. Well, I like Officemate, the Dean, and a good 70% of our students, which is enough for me most days. So sometimes, complaining about it nonstop doesn't feel great. Most times it does though.

Anyway, my boss is back next week and I am sure she will drive me right up the wall and back to the computer to vent to you on the regs.

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