July 23, 2010

Full of Something

From an unnamed production office for an undisclosed television show in an address-withheld building in LA where the elevators are shockingly slow...

We have two interns in my office these days, and they are both absolutely delightful, shockingly professional, and female which means that now I can talk about dresses and make-up at work sometimes.  They aren't required to come in on Fridays, but they both usually do.  Today, however, one of them texted the other right before our morning meeting to say that she ate too much at breakfast, was in a food coma, and wouldn't be coming in.  Because her Friday attendance isn't mandatory, this was completely acceptable.  And wow am I jealous.  I would love to call in full some day.  Or call in over it.  Maybe I could just e-mail some morning and say that I'm too sleepy/disinterested/my dog is just too adorable to part with for the day.  I'd also enjoy calling in hung over or because my hair was just not cooperating or to say that I would rather be waiting in line at the DMV than volunteering my soul for slaughter by sitting mindlessly at my grubby (that part's my fault) desk all day.  Although I guess having to go to the DMV is a valid excuse.  I will save it for a day when my hair isn't cooperating.

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