July 7, 2010

Lame/Not Lame

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

It's time for a new game I've invented: Lame or Not Lame! (Not to be confused with Herpes or Not Herpes, a game my friends and I invented last night over sushi.)

Not lame: My annoying landords are going out of town for a month!

Not lame/mostly neutral: They asked me to water their plants.

Lame: To this end, I have received no less than 4 plant-watering/mail taking in phone calls and one 15 minute plant watering tutorial. "Oh, the hose is over there..." As my friend M says, "white people with money are the worst."

Speaking of M...

Not lame: She's moved back to the Bay Area from New York!

Lame: Most of yesterday. I may or may not have participated in a conversation where I said/whined "I'm either the Content Editor of this website, or I'm not!"

Not lame/cutest ever: Officemate's hilarious/adorable almost-6-year old daughter is in the office today! Apparently last night she wanted to play dress up with her 2 year old sister and the theme of the dress up was "Mommy and S." The older girl wanted to be Mommy and have Officemate dress the little one up as me.

Lame/insulting: To that end, Officemate put the little one in a huge pair of jeans and put a sports bra over her head and pulled it down so far that it held up the jeans because "you like to wear tank tops."

Not lame/vindicating: The 6 y.o. saw this ensemble and declared in my defense "that's not how S dresses!"

Lame: I've been playing phone tag with this woman in Oklahoma for the past two days who doesn't seem to know about time differences seeing as how this morning's voicemail was time-stamped at 7:08am.

Not lame: Germany v. Spain today at 11:30PST (that would be 1:30 your time, Oklahoma lady). Let's get this done, Deutschland!

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