July 29, 2010

Assignment: Asinine

From an unnamed production office for an undisclosed television show in an address-withheld building in LA where the elevators are shockingly slow...

Remiss indeed, S.  For my part, I've definitely not been extra liking my job, but I've almost reached a point where I'm not extra hating it either.  I'm sort of extra busy at it, but also extra apathetic.

See, recently the higher ups at our show have been worried about our ratings/competition/continuing relevancy, which has meant a whole lot of ideas/policies/procedures that we are all told are super important for a week until they are either forgotten about or ignored to death by the writing staff, and then abandoned.  For my nervous-disposition part, I do frantic research for every new task our staff is given as I imagine our meetings turning into- I almost said that one serious drama where Holland Taylor is the law school professor, and then I remembered that in fact it's "Legally Blonde"- a classroom where we will all learn our lessons in preparedness by the harsh hand of the Socratic method.  I worry about each new assignment or requested contribution all the way until the meeting where our presentations are due, and the big bosses ask if everyone thought about what they were supposed to think about, and are satisfied with a room full people silently nodding.  Sigh.  All that time I wasted when I could have been coming up with clever Facebook statuses.  But now at least I've learned my lesson: Waste my time blogging and complaining about my job rather than waste my time doing it.  That's the stuff of Aesop, friends. 

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