June 3, 2010

S'more What?

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...
First, a moment of silence for our fallen Golden Girl. Rue, you will be missed. Thank you for being a friend.

Okay, so I'm going to Yosemite tomorrow. I'm really excited about it; I haven't been since I was a kid. I remember it being really beautiful and impressive, but I was mostly pissed that my family "vacation" that year was just a buttload of hiking. My parents are super active and outdoorsy and love to hike. They wanted to instill that love of the outdoors in me by taking me hiking in some of California's most beautiful forests whenever they could. I guess their plan worked in the long run, because I love hiking now, but God did I hate it when I was younger. I whined, I complained, I dragged my feet. "Trees all look the same" I would say.

Anyway, I'm happy about it now and used my lunch break to do some pre-trip errands, including getting things for s'mores and going to the post office. I was standing in line with a basket full of chocolate bars, marshmallows and graham crackers and the girl in front of me went "Oh my god are you making s'mores?" "Yeah, I am this weekend." "Oh my god, are you going camping?" "No, but I am going to Yosemite." "Oh my god that is so cool." "Thanks."

Yes, she really said "oh my god" before everything. A couple of seconds later she asked if I'd hold her spot while she ran and got something. I said sure and she took off with a thing of mint chip ice cream and came back with a different thing of mint chip ice cream. "Thanks...you're probably wondering why I just did that." "No, it's fine." "Well my boyfriend doesn't eat Safeway brand anything. He refuses." "Oh...." "And then I realized my mint chip was Safeway brand so I had to go get another one." "Cool."

I mean there's nothing wrong with her or our interaction, I was just surprised by how much she wanted to talk to a complete stranger in the supermarket line. Also, Safeway brand ice cream is delicious.

Anyway, after getting my Ohmygod s'mores stuff, I walked over to the post office to get an international postcard stamp. I lived in Germany for a year after college and am still in touch with my host family. They love California and Yosemite and I knew they'd like to get a postcard. "One postcard stamp for the EU please." "Just one?" "Yes, please, one that goes to Europe." "That'll be 28 cents." "For a stamp that goes to Europe?" "No this is domestic, you need to specify that you want an international one." "I did, I said 'EU'." "What does that mean?"

What does that mean? I know I might have a leg up on some European terms because I lived there for a year, but don't we all know what EU means at this point? Especially people who work in a post office, where people often go to send things to the very European Union to which I was referring.

"It means European Union." "Fine, that'll be 98 cents." "Oh my god, that's so cheap!"*

*I may not have actually said that.

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