June 18, 2010

America! Kind of....

From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

Even though it's my day off, I've been awake for 3 hours. Why? Because my two favorite teams in the World Cup, USA and Germany both played this morning. I'm not into MLS soccer, or even the European leagues, but when teams are playing for the glory of their country, I cannot say no. Also, if the World Cup happened more often than every four years, I probably wouldn't care as much. Who played in this year's Super Bowl?*

Anyway, I should have stayed asleep because that shizz was PATHETIC. Germany, who I have taking the whole damn thing in my World Cup Bracket, lost to Serbia. SERBIA. Do they even have running water in Serbia? Then, the main event, USA vs. Slovenia. After a pretty exciting tie with England (even though I thought the US played like shit in that game, and if our goalie wasn't the man and England's goalie didn't fuck up so royally, we would have lost like 3-0), I was expecting a swift victory that I could enjoy with waffles and Nutella. At least I enjoyed the waffles.

We were down 2-0 for a goodly portion of the game. That ain't right! SLOVENIA. A country full of people with the pale and sickly look that only Communism and no sunlight can achieve. As my friend A said, it was like the US "was afraid to see what happens if they kick the ball in the goal." And then, in the second half, my new boyfriend Landon Donovan kicked the most amazing goal I ever have seen. Seriously, even if you don't like soccer, look it up. It is bad ass. Then that semi-Albino Michael Bradley tied it up. We could have won if that idiot ref hadn't counted our 3rd goal offsides, but I can't get into why I hate that ref so much right now, because I'm all hopped up on Nutella.

*The Saints! That was a pretty great game actually. I made Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon that day.

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