February 25, 2010


From an unnamed university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area...

One thing K and I love to do, at work or not, is make fun of people who put stupid stuff on their Facebook. Our friend from college recommends "a little more filter; a little less self-aggrandizing" to the general Facebook community, and we couldn't agree more.

In the interest of maintaining our friendships, I'm not going site anything or anyone specifically, but instead list my top 5 pet peeves and encourage K to do the same. Eventually, I'd like to create a Facebook Ten Commandments, because I'm so like Moses in many other ways.

Anyway, Top 5 Things That Bug Me the Most on Facebook:

1. Mentions of the day of the week and associated emotions, ie weekends good, Mondays bad. We all like the weekend people. We all look forward to it, and it always goes by too quickly. And furthermore, we're all pretty good at keeping track of the day of the week, so let's maybe chill out on the "It's Fridayyyyyyyy!" messages. Tell me what day it is in the lunar year or something.

2. Comments about the weather. You like the sun? You don't like snow? I am shocked.

3. Self-deprecating comments that are thinly-veiled bragging. Calling yourself a nerd for staying in on a Friday night to watch foreign films fools no one. You are very pleased with what an intellectual person of culture you are.

4. Notifications of death. Whether they're relatively expected (sick grandparent) or completely out of the blue (car accident), Facebook is not the place to grieve and out of respect for the dead, don't announce it to every person you've ever met.

5. Constant updates of mundane activities. Get a fucking Twitter already.

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